Did you know that you do not have to visit the hospital to get an x-ray, Ultrasound or BMD? (Bone Mineral Density Test Services).

Many people are not aware of this, often defaulting to the hospital or to the imaging facility closest to their health care practitioner.

Independent healthcare diagnostic centres/facilities are out of Hospital premises set up by the Ministry of Health Ontario, and exist to ease the traffic in hospitals. This in turn helps to accommodate patients in a way that can make both wait times and logistics less of a hassle.

Premier Diagnostic Network (PDXN) Combines Convenience with The Very Best in Diagnostics

One such network of diagnostic clinics (x-ray, ultrasound and BMD lab) in Scarborough seek to demonstrate their commitment to their patients by combining convenience with the absolute best in diagnostics. Their services comply with Ministry of Health regulations and the Quality of services are regularly assessed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons and Public health.

Premier Diagnostic Network (PDXN)’offers three different locations as well as weekend and evening appointments in order to better accommodate your schedule.

The three locations, serving patients across Scarborough, Markham and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) are listed below:

  • Bellesmere Medical Diagnostic Centre (Bellamy Road and Ellesmere Road)
  • Brimley Medical Diagnostic Centre (Brimley Road and Sheppard Avenue)
  • MarkSteeles Diagnostic Centre (Markham Road and Steeles Avenue)

And you can call, book online, or in some cases, simply walk in for your x-ray, ultrasound or BMD appointment. All locations are affiliated with the University Health Network (Michener Institute) to teach and Train their Imaging technologists who also hold tenure at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. This ensures a high standard in staff and pieces of equipment.

Common Imaging Procedures

Ultrasound, X-ray and BMD diagnostics are very common imaging procedures that are used to show your healthcare team what is going on inside you without having to resort to more invasive procedures such as surgery. Once you are given a requisition, an x-ray, ultrasound or BMD lab in Scarborough will help your team determine or monitor a possible health condition. In fact, PDXN provides speedy reporting of results to your healthcare team, as well as offering them access to a cloud-based storage system for data access around the clock.

PDXN X-ray Lab Scarborough

X-rays are commonly used to view lungs, dental issues, bone fractures, arthritis located in joints, skull, facial bones and foreign objects. The imaging created by x-rays are derived from electromagnetic radiation as it passes through the body in small waves.

X-rays require no preparation, but you should be advised that;

  • If you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant it is important to tell your healthcare team and the x-ray technologist.
  • You should wear comfortable baggy clothes that are free from metal embellishments such as zippers or snaps.
  • Avoid wearing metal jewelry to your appointment as you could be asked to take it off for the duration of the x-ray.

PDXN Ultrasound Lab Scarborough

Ultrasound is commonly used for obstetrics, and for conditions throughout the entire body. High frequency sound waves are sent into the body, resulting in image that is derived by the returning sound. Such imaging tools are used to look at organs within the body such as the thyroid, breast, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, blood vessels and is also used to investigate any lumps or a mass in the body.

There are several different types of ultrasound procedures, and most do not require any special type of preparation. That being said, PDXN offers a list of ultrasound types and any required direction on their website for you to look at before your appointment. (pdxn.ca)

PDXN Bone Mineral Density Services Lab Scarborough

BMD or Bone mineral density are tests used to examine certain segments of your bone using X-ray imaging to estimate how dense or thick your bones are, helping in the detection of osteoporosis. A specialist or doctor will recommend this kind of test to measure the amounts of calcium and minerals in your bones while also checking for any signs of fractures. (common in an osteoporosis diagnosis). Pain-free and quick, BDM tests, much like Ultrasounds, do not require much preparation.

At PDXN, all images (Ultrasound, X-rays and BMD) are reviewed by Specialist Doctors (Radiologists) and the reports sent to your Family doctor or specialist for review.

PDXN X-ray and Ultrasound Lab Scarborough

If you required to visit a X-ray and ultrasound lab in Scarborough, book your appointment today with Premier Diagnostic Network (PDXN) at one of their three convenient locations, and discover the benefits that can be had by using an independent healthcare facility for your diagnostic imaging needs.